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Little Girl Lost

The door is closed. I stop in front of it for a moment, trying to work out why. The “Please Wait: Examination in Progress” sign isn’t there. I look at my watch, even though I had glanced at it every … Continue reading


Eighty-Nine update

I thought I’d better give a quick update on my progress so far for my Literary Mix Tapes Eighty-Nine piece (just in case any of my stalkers – mostly family (!), decide to call me out on it). As I … Continue reading


Sneak-peak of my WIP…

…Trapped. That’s how it felt. She lay in bed, entwined between the warm flannelette sheets and the heavy winter quilt, but her feet were blocks of ice. Her thighs, covered in waves of tiny goose bumps. She shifted; bringing her … Continue reading


Bolshy Bunnies

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We all know that rabbits are rather prolific breeders. But most people aren’t aware that there is a reason for this. Call it biological, evolutionary or simply karmic; bunnies make babies so that the world’s children (and more than a … Continue reading


LMT89 song prompt

After hearing that I had been accepted into the Literary Mix Tapes 1989, I immediately started googling like a crazy woman – Wiki’s 1989 timeline of historical events was my first stop and it completely overwhelmed me. I mean, what … Continue reading


The get go

So as I’ve mentioned in my bio, I’ve decided to grab the proverbial bull by the horns and get writing good and proper like. I have a WIP that rather ironically popped up out of nowhere while I was journaling … Continue reading