The get go

So as I’ve mentioned in my bio, I’ve decided to grab the proverbial bull by the horns and get writing good and proper like. I have a WIP that rather ironically popped up out of nowhere while I was journaling about my procrastination efforts re writing – all of a sudden, it came to me. From there I wrote madly for three days straight (ignoring assorted uni assessments and the odd child/husband), words just pouring out of me like nothing before. I didn’t particularly have a structure or even plot outline in mind, instead letting it come to life as it wanted to. In hindsight, I was worried that if I tried to rationalise it into some sort of ‘real’ effort, that it might all just disappear. Luckily, it hasn’t buggered off yet – I left off after those three days and attended to some neglected family members and a Mt. Everest sized pile of dirty laundry, revisiting it in spare moments, feeling like an overprotective mother hen, but am yet to add more … I’m content to let it lie quietly on paper while c-monkey whittles away at ideas.

Which is rather a good thing, as I’ve managed to commit myself to my very first official writing/publishing exercise, in the meantime! I’ve scored a spot in Jodi Cleghorn’s latest Literary Mix Tapes anthology themed “1989”, which, to say the least, has got me quivering all over in excitement and anticipation of being involved in something like this as a very new (raw, even) self-professed “author” … eeek!!

*watch this space*


2 responses to “The get go

  1. Woohoo!! Can’t wait to get on the pooter to see the full site, iPhone only right now. Simply dropping by to say welcome, well done and yay for a brilliant tagline. Hugs! xx jd

  2. As another of Jodi’s “raw and fledgling” writers, I can vouch for the support of the network. I’ve only been writing for 18 months. My first official publication was in “Nothing But Flowers” back in February.
    I started writing using Write Anything’s [fiction] Friday prompts and then #fictionfriday.
    Jump in; it’s an awesome, supportive and encouraging community.
    Adam B @revhappiness

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