Bolshy Bunnies

Brother and sister team, stand down in protest!

We all know that rabbits are rather prolific breeders. But most people aren’t aware that there is a reason for this. Call it biological, evolutionary or simply karmic; bunnies make babies so that the world’s children (and more than a few adults) can enjoy chocolate eggs on Easter Sunday.

How is this relevant to rampant reproductions, I hear you say? Well, we can’t well allow only the one bunny to tackle an entire global distribution network, can we? Sure Santa manages OK, but he’s got the elves and some freakishly talented reindeer to help him. One bunny simply cannot deliver chocolate eggs to everyone, on his or her own. So, if there is a family owned multi-national distribution company ensuring E2C is on time each year, there is bound to be workplace conflict at some stage or another. That’s just bunny nature!

Its’ just so happened that this particular Easter run, has fallen foul of its first ever collective strike action, with hundreds of thousands of fluffy yet over worked and under resourced rabbits, downing satchels and staging burrow-in’s, around the world. Cotton-tails, long-ears, domestics and the rebellious wild, all voted last week for an immediate stop to the long perpetuated tradition of Easter Bunny slave-driving. Together they call for stronger lettucelated protection for the future of their kind.

Secretary Hopper of the United Easter Bunny Collective said today;

“..until changes are made to the current work/life balance, paid overtime and subsidised travel and kitten-care provisions, bunnies around the world will refuse to deliver their loads.” Secretary Hopper gave no indication of when the strike will end.

This action means parents everywhere will be forced to purchase over-priced, substitute chocolate eggs, in last minute dash-and-grab supermarket trips. Coles spokesperson, Sam Sham refused to comment on the strike action however did advise against leaving all Easter Sunday preparations until 9:30pm on Saturday night, as stocks are likely to be sold out by then, and car-parking would be hopeless.

In the meantime, cute and cuddly bunnies across the world sit comfortably ensconced in family burrows, finally able to spend the Easter holidays with their children and their children’s children … and their children’s children’s children, without a care in the world (and rightly so) whether the human race will wake up to garish tin-foil covered eggs on Easter Sunday.

[Fiction] Friday Challenge #204  for April 22nd , 2011

Why was Easter Bunny held up with deliveries this year?

This is my first attempt at a Fiction Friday piece (see Write Anything) – it’s short, but I blame the fact that today is my birthday and my children haven’t left me alone for long enough to write anything longer than 400 words!]


4 responses to “Bolshy Bunnies

  1. Ha! Striking bunnies. Perfect!

  2. Haha! I started with the same premise but took it in a different direction. Mine is even shorter. 🙂 That’s what I love about flash fiction. Welcome to Fiction Friday, and I hope you participate often.

  3. The great Bunny Strike, nice reason for the bunny to be late.

  4. “Lettucelated” Pure brilliance! LOVE IT!! xxx

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