Sneak-peak of my WIP…

…Trapped. That’s how it felt. She lay in bed, entwined between the warm flannelette sheets and the heavy winter quilt, but her feet were blocks of ice. Her thighs, covered in waves of tiny goose bumps. She shifted; bringing her legs together, running a hand roughly over her bare skin, trying absentmindedly to warm herself. Comfort herself. For the second time since she had taken herself alone to bed, the tears began to flow freely, in hot, salty tracks down her cheeks. She sniffed, but didn’t reach for a tissue, instead bringing the neck of her shirt up to her reddened nose, wiping savagely. She wasn’t impressed with herself. If there was one thing she was certain about, it was her unfaltering ability to stay calm and unaffected around others, and leave the heartbreak for the emptiness of the night. But even though she knew it was ‘healthy’ to ‘let it all out’, it pissed her off that she let it happen again.


And she willed herself into a restless sleep, burdened with fleeting memories…

[A preview of my current work-in-progress. All rights reserved Laura Meyer 2011]


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