Eighty-Nine goes paperback!

The second-to-latest Literary Mix Tapes anthology, is one step closer to being in my hot little hands. That’s right – *da da da da daaa*… introducing the amazing cover for Eighty-Nine!

Designed  by the clever Blake Byrnes, the haawt eighties chick front and centre (affectionately named Amiga after one of the contributing author’s Eighty-Nine characters) exudes a wonderful “…and you want me to care, why?” *chewing gum POP* attitude. I guess she’s the unofficial mascot of the anthology, with her Annie Lennox off-the-shoulder top and arms folded, she looks just about up for anything the authors of Eighty-Nine could throw her way. And I have to mention the cassettes in the background. Where would we have been, if not for those fantastically impractical plastic contraptions with the tape that loved to jam in your player – a Saturday night just wasn’t complete without at least an hour of winding it back and hoping your songs weren’t kaput.

Eighty-Nine will always hold sentimental value to me; it will be the first time I have ever been published. My story for the anthology, “Soldier Out of Time”, will join twenty-five other incredible tales written by some pretty talented authors, many of whom I’ve had the great pleasure of getting to know quite well over the months since we first started writing. You can find them all here.

So finally, I’ll leave you with the blurb for Eighty-Nine. I hope you’ll grab a copy (deets on where to purchase, soon), share it with your friends and revisit that wonderfully flourescent year, through twenty-five different sets of eyes.

1989: a cusp between decades.

The year the Berlin Wall came down and Voyager went up. Ted Bundy and Emperor Hirohito died. The birth of the first Bush administration and computer virus.

In San Francisco and Newcastle the ground shook, in Chernobyl it melted. Tiananmen Square rocked the world and Tank Man imprinted on the international consciousness. Communism and Thatcherism began their decline, Islamic fundamentalism its rise.

It was the year Batman burst onto the big screen, we went back to the future (again) Indiana Jones made it a trifecta at the box office and Michael Damian told us to rock on.

Based on a play list of 26 songs released in 1989, Eighty Nine re-imagines the social, political, cultural and personal experiences at the end of the decade which gave the world mullets, crimped hair, neon-coloured clothing, acid-wash denim, keytars, the walkman, Live Aid, the first compact disc and MTV.


9 responses to “Eighty-Nine goes paperback!

  1. Congratulations on your first publication, Laura! I’m sure there’ll be plenty more to follow but, as you say, this is the special one. And what a great place to start?

  2. Thank you so much Laura. I get such a kick out of reading other’s takes on the anthologies. And Amiga rocks. I discovered last week she’s named after an early computer. Go Dale!

    I can let your readers in on a little secret – we’ll be seeing a bit more of Amiga before the anthology lands in readers’ hands.

  3. It is a special feeling to see your very first story in print. I remember mine in Nothing But Flowers. Cherish the moment and it’s an awesome feeling holding the printed copy in your hand.
    Adam B @revhappiness

  4. Ok you have to know how totally and utterly proud I am of you right now. Right? Awesome job girl, knew you could do it!!!

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