I’m published!

The day has come!


The Eighty Nine anthology from eMergent Publishing, is now available for pre-orders in Australia. Visit the Literary Mix Tapes site here, to pre-order your copy in time for the official paperback release on October 25th.

My debut story Soldier Out of Time is nestled in amongst 25 other fabulous tales, written by authors across the globe. This anthology brings together the year 1989, from multiple vantage points – from in/famous world events (remember Tiananmen Square, the Berlin Wall and the formidable Maggie Thatcher?) reimagined with a speculative fiction flavour; to small town stories interwoven with flashes of crimped hair, flourescent clothing and lashings of awesome music.

I am incredibly excited and utterly in awe of the company I keep in the freshly pressed pages of Eighty Nine (yes, they have that delicious new book smell) and will again thank Jodi Cleghorn, publisher, writer and ‘not-even-slightly-evil overlord’ from eMergent Publishing – the driving force and creative genius behind Literary Mix Tapes.

And look!! Just for prosperity… nothing beats the feeling of holding your first ever ‘name-up-in-lights’ book 🙂


3 responses to “I’m published!

  1. Lookie here at that smile! Congratulations Laura. Well deserved and I think as under-lord (ie. first ever editorial intern) you should be writing the blurbs from now on – given your wicked descriptions of the stories… specially loved the small town crimped hair line (tip of the hat to Tanya Bell!)

    Enjoy my love. And whenever you’re discouraged, suck up that new book smell from between the covers of EIGHTY NINE!

  2. Round of applause!

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