Amazon chart rush for Eighty Nine

It’s the night before the Eighty Nine launch, and all in the LMT house are running around like headless chickens, making sure the launch goes smoothly…

Jodi Cleghorn (creative brainchild of LMT, co-founder and Managing Editor of eMergent Publishing) and I are putting on the final touches for the Facebook launch, with 80’s trivia, video clips for the Eighty Nine playlist and links to the story posts which go live from tomorrow morning 9am AEST (Australian Eastern Standard Time) from the Literary Mix Tapes blog.

“We encourage everyone to buy a copy of EIGHTY NINE via Amazon on the 25th October. The Chart Rush begins 5pm AEST (GMT/UCT +10).”

Amazon UK
Amazon US
Amazon CA

~Literary Mix Tapes

Keep your eye out and follow Literary Mix Tapes on Twitter (@LiteraryMixTape) and come join us at the Facebook party from 5pm AEST Tuesday 25th October for lots of fun, frivolity and fruitiness.

You can join the party in a number of different ways:

  • RSVP your attendance (this puts you in the running to win free books). We’ll be randomly drawing names from the RSVP list every few hours during the launch.
  • On the day change your profile pic to one taken in ’89 and tell everyone why you have.
  • Stop in on the event page on the day: say hello on the wall and spend some time mingling (just like a real party without the fear of being a wall-flowers, dancing on a table in your bra or nursing an aching head the next day).
  • Dress up and post your photo to the FB wall – we will have prizes for the best dressed.
  • Play our version of trivia (via the FB wall). It will go live from 6pm AEST through to 8am the next morning (yes 26 hours, 104 questions). The person with the most points at the end will win an eMergent Publishing back catalogue (currently sitting at six paperbacks)
  • Share your bests and worsts of the Eighties (we’ll be looking at fashion, fads, music, TV, movies and personal stories)

So drop in and say hi to the authors of Eighty Nine – you might just catch them in their best 80’s get-up!

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3 responses to “Amazon chart rush for Eighty Nine

  1. Woohoo, it’s 25th Oct. Just a few hours to go till we all start storming the charts 🙂

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