9 Ways to Prepare for the National Novel Writing Month

Jodi Cleghorn, the brains and creative force behind the Literary Mix Tapes anthologies and co-founder of eMergent Publishing, gives us 9 very good tips for surviving NaNoWriMo.

Pursuing Parallels

I’m interested in creating supportive internal and external environments to facilitate writing during NaNo. To me, writing is the easiest thing about NaNoWriMo – just sitting there and putting the words on the page, because the month of November is no different to any of the other 11 months of the year where I don’t live in a vacuum. None of us are the proverbial boy in a bubble in November (though it would be nice to be sometimes). And as each year goes by the ability to slice off parts of life become less and less doable.

Like me, you have to juggle existing responsibilities and find time to write. You have fears, weaknesses and you get stressed? You may have a family, probably have a job of some description, as well as social commitments. On top of that you also have 1667 words to put down every day.

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