About me and a muse, or three…

As the cliché goes, I’ve always wanted to write (my mum has kept numerous childhood stories, written on scraps of paper and school exercise books).

This doesn’t necessarily mean that I’m any good! But what it does mean, is that I am prepared to stop procrastinating, and start actually writing. I have beautiful writer friends who encourage and support me greatly and I am making more every day.I only want to try. To learn. And hopefully, one day, other’s will like what I do.

Until then, I hope to write about my writing journey and the odd blog about the crazy things my children get up to in any given day .. after all, I have three cheeky inspirations, so why not soak up every moment they give me?



It’s true (damn you Bill Cosby) – kid’s do say the darndest things. My children are 10, 9 and 5; rapidly going on 18, 16 and 30.

My son who is 5, comes out with some amazing insights and has a full catalogue of frowns that can crack a smile on the most hardened of faces. He also takes great pleasure in reciting his favourite scenes from every movie he’s ever seen. This is cute, for the first three or four random outbursts, but quickly becomes painful after a full day of Megamind or Despicable Me quotes, replete with character voices and corresponding action (this is where his Star Wars impressions can become almost violent with his passionate impressions). My little monkey child, is the honest to god sunshine (and thunderstorm) in my life. He is hugely independent and at the same time, the smoochiest of little boys, offering and asking for kisses and ‘huggies’ at the drop of a hat. He makes me laugh like a banshee and can drive me to despair in the blink of an eye. But I’m thinking this is what little boys are for …

My daughters on the other hand, are typical tweens – thankfully not into sparkly vampires, but recently right into manga and the ‘delights’ of Vampire Knight. My 10-year-old can give you a complete history of the show, full character interpretations and her personal analysis of them, story lines (possible future plot lines), full episode recital and can pronounce every Japanese character name without fault. Huh?! I only realised all of this in the last week after I noticed she was spending an inordinate amount of her school holiday time in front of my laptop, watching ABC iView. She’s now watched both series of the show, approximately five times per episode and can quote it in her sleep. I asked her to tell me about it, over the weekend … an hour later, she was still talking and gesticulating like a passionate Italian. *sigh*

Then there is my middle kiddlet. Recently turned 9 and full of optimism and faith in the world. When this girl gives something a go, she gives her full attention and 110% of her effort (and is showing perfectionist tendencies) – every time. Honestly, I don’t know where she gets it from … She goes to ballet lessons three times a week and loves anything to do with drawing, painting, creating and dreaming. It’s from this, that the most astounding words of wisdom can emanate! When I lost my father in 2008, Miss 9 was one source of strength that I drew on often – the way she dealt with the death of her beloved granddad and her ability to pass on the purest form of acceptance and calmness, was inspirational.

So from these three kids, comes my reason, my will, my insanity. I love them to death and couldn’t imagine any other dance partners, to lead and then one day, to follow, through life’s grand ball.


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