Form & Genre Challenge 2012

In January Write Anything named the Year of the Dragon (2012), The Year of Writing Dangerously, calling for writers to work out what ‘writing dangerously’ meant to them… to step outside their comfort zone for the next 12 months.

The Form & Genre Challenge 2012 will be a forum in which writers at all stages of their craft, can try their hand at 52 different forms and genres, challenging themselves to write outside their comfort zone, test the waters and give something crazy or confronting a red hot go. I hope to submit for each of the 52 challenges – not only extending myself into foreign territory but establishing a regular writing routine.

Each week I will post my challenge submission on my blog (look for [FGC]  in the title) and link to this page for easy reference (and accountability!!) – I hope I can encourage other writers to give this challenge a go – make it your own!

Week 1: Son esprit noir

 Week 2: Sink or Swim

Week 3: In a Southern Garnet

 Week 4: One In – Two Out

Week 22: Breaking Up Even


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